Frequently asked questions

You ask us the most...

...these few questions. If you can't find what you're interested in here, feel free to contact us or ask our staff when you visit the cats.

About Cat Cafe…

What is Cat Caffe Zagreb?

It is primarily a home where our cats live in peace. In addition, there is also a cafe where you can drink wonderful beverages, hang out with us and escape from the fast life we live in every day.

Our address is Kušlanova 6. Although we are not far from the city center, we are far enough to avoid traffic noise.

Our cafe has an indoor area for those who enjoy constant warmth, but also an outdoor area for smokers. The outdoor area also has heaters in the winter so you don't freeze, and in the summer you can spend time in the fresh air.

Why are there rules at Cat Cafe??

Our cats live here and it is important to us that they are comfortable. For this reason, it is necessary to follow certain rules so that the cats have the peace and privacy they need.

Does Cat Caffe have its own parking lot?

No, we don't have our own parking lot. But we are located in a cul-de-sac where there are enough parking spaces. In case there is not enough space in front of the Cat Caffe itself, you will surely find it in the surrounding streets.

Do I have to make a reservation to visit Cat Caffe?

Reservations must be made for groups of 5 or more people, or for special events, by calling 099 411 5497. Special events can only be reserved for weekdays.  

Is there a time limit at Cat Cafe?

Cat Caffe Zagreb has no time limit. You can be as long as you want, we just remind you that it is always nice to be considerate of others who are waiting if the cafe is very crowded.

Is there an entrance fee to the cat cafe?

Entrance to Cat Caffe Zagreb is free. The only thing we ask of you is to respect our rules and enjoy yourself.

Can children come to Cat Caffe?

Children can come, but they must follow the rules like all other guests in the cafe. If they are too young to understand the rules, parents must supervise them throughout their stay in the cafe.

How do you keep cats from escaping?

There are two doors at the entrance. So that the cats do not get out when guests enter or leave, it is necessary to always close the first door before opening the second. 

Please never keep both doors open at the same time.

Do you accept donations?

We finance ourselves through the offer we offer. We advise everyone who wants to help cats and other species to donate to associations and other organizations that need it more. You can find some of the associations that desperately need financial assistance HERE.

About cats...

Can I feed the cats in Cat Cafe Zagreb?

It is strictly forbidden to bring any food, either cat or human.

We do not have a permit for food consumption. Our cats will certainly try to persuade you to give them a few bites, but for their sake and for the sake of their digestion, do not feed them.

Can I bring a cat I find on the street?

We are currently full. If you can, give the kitty a warm home. In case you still can't do it, place an ad on Njuškalo or any Facebook group you can find HERE.

Can I adopt a cat from a cafe?

Cats in the cafe are not for adoption. In case you have a great desire to adopt, there are many pages, Facebook groups and associations that can help you in your search. Look for some of them HERE.

Where are the cafe cats from?

Most of them come from Zagreb, but there are also some from other parts of Croatia. Some were on the street, and some were in shelters, but many just followed the trail of good people and walked into the cafe.

Can I bring my cat to the cafe?

In short; no, it is forbidden to bring cats. Our cats have been quarantined, they have all been vaccinated, microchipped and have undergone treatment to get rid of parasites. We won't be able to let you into the cafe if you bring a cat from outside.

Why are the cats sleeping when I come?

Cats are animals that sleep 15-20 hours a day, so it's a great fortune to catch them awake at all. 

What if the cat climbs on the table and starts drinking my coffee?

Please don't let her do that! Cats do not digest dairy products and any contact with them can cause serious indigestion. If we notice you feeding the cats or letting them eat your drink, unfortunately we will have to ask you to leave.

Are cats allowed to be petted in the Cat Cafe?

You can pet them, but we recommend that you wait for them to come to you. In any case, please do not interrupt them while they are eating, drinking or sleeping. They might startle and react instinctively and scratch or bite you.

Do cats have a place where people can't go?

Cats have their own space where guests cannot enter. This area is always available to them, and there they have their own toilet, plenty of deckchairs and food to rest if they want peace and have too much contact with guests.

About the offer...

Are glitter in coffee edible?

Glitter in coffee and any other drink is edible and safe for consumption. They have no taste and are only used for decoration.

Why is it taking so long to prepare my order?

Each of your orders is prepared with a lot of love and attention. Most of our drinks are creatively demanding, so we simply need time to prepare some orders to make each one great. We appreciate your coming and believe that a quality product is worth the wait, and we want all our visitors to receive products of equal quality. Also, in addition to serving visitors, we have cats in the cafe that we need to know are well. Checking all cats can slow down the service. Don't take us for granted, we do our best to be as high quality and as fast as possible.

How can I play one of the board games you have in the cafe?

At the bar, ask one of the employees for the game you want. Please keep it safe and put all the parts back in the packaging when you are finished and put the game on the counter.